Bloody Gold (Pokemon Creepypasta)Edit

I had gotten a DS game called Heart Gold from walmart. I was playing it on my DS. I picked the starter, Chicorita. And had caught a few other pokemon. The next morning i had gotten a purple 3DS. I was searching the internet for some glitches. Missingno, mew glitches, and other stuff. Then i had come across one, Glitchorita. It interested me. I took a look at it. The page explained that this glitch would change the normal Chicorita sprite to a weird looking one. It looked normal except for black, blue, red, and purple splotches of colours on it. It also had one move, colours. This attack was a one hit knock out and it didn't matter what level. I read the intructions to do the glitch. Then i had done it. When i had killed the last pokemon (it had to be a Rattata) And it said it was evolving. A few minutes after, it had evolved. It let out a backwards and disorted sound of a Chicorita, and it had the splotches of colours. My Glichorita was now level 14. I was having fun with it. The next morning, i woke up and began playing my game. I realised some how, my Glitchorita had gone down to half health. I wondered what happened (Its supposed to be invincable) Then, the pokemon had hit my Glitchorita again and it fainted. I tried to run away from the wild pokemon, but then a test box apeared and said "Having fun torturing me? Bringing me into battle and expecting me to attack things for you day and night??" Then it showed a picture of my Glitchorita, twisted and mangled with blood and bones sticking out. I gasped.

Was i really torturing a glitched pokemon? I again tried to run but another test box apeared. "Yes or no?" I tried no but it wouldn't let me. So i pressed yes, my hand shaking. Another text box apeared. "This is what happens to me in my pokeball!" Another picture only with an even worse picture of the poor tortured glitch pokemon with intestines and blood everywhere with grinning Ghastlys covered in blood. I shuddered and tried to turn it off. Then finally i said "I'm sorry! I-i was trying to have a little fun. I'll throw away this game. My 3DS!" Another text box apeared. "And your the first victem to admit...." Then evil laughter. After the game turned off. I felt sorry for the pokemon. I had not deleted the game but buried it in my backyard. And prayed to the tortured soul of the pokemon. I never played any pokemon games since. And got into the mario games instead.